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We can not monitor our email in-box 24/7 so please do not email us to report injured wildlife. Injured wildlife needs help immediately - use our Search facility to find a carer near you, or call your local Vet, Council or RSPCA. Please feel free to email us about any other wildlife-related issue.

You can email us by clicking the link below:

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Our guiding principles are:
  • We will remain an independent, not-for-profit association

  • We will assist and encourage cooperation between those whose main objective is the welfare of Australian wildlife

  • Where an appropriate resource already exists, we prefer to link to it rather than reproduce it

  • We will be guided by animal welfare, and conservation principles

  • We support the International code of ethics dor wildlife rehabilitators

The reason for the website is to create a resource to improve the way in which Australian Native organisations interact. We are building this resource as we go, but the core elements are:-
  • Directory
    A central directory of information on Australian native animals care and rescue or welfare organisations. We hope that organisations will let us know when their details change so that this can remain an up-to-date, reliable resource.
    We also hope Wildlife organisations will use the directory as THE source for locating related links. As we grow, we hope to provide alternate ways of searching through the database.
  • Our other elements are being phased out and this website is in the process of being re-written.

We hope you find these facilities useful.  I can always do with help and advice, and will do my best to keep this service operating  and relevant. But please be patient, as this is a volunteer effort.  Regards, Steve A

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Australian Fauna Care Inc.  is a non-profit resource for
wildlife carers, It is not a licensed rehabilitation group