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There are literally thousands of charities, causes and volunteer opportunities these days. Why should you help wildlife carers?
Eastern Grey Kangaroo Joey, NSW South Coast

 There are several things to consider

  • The human population has doubled since 1960, but most native species have reduced - many to the point of extinction.

  • The bulk of the decline in wildlife population is the result of human interference

  • There are many valuable ways to contribute to the conservation of wildlife, but few are as intimate and direct as wildlife care (rescue, rehabilitation and release)

What can you do?
The two most effective ways in which you can help wildlife carers to undertake this important work are:

  • Volunteer with your local wildlife group.
    Almost all wildlife care is done by unpaid volunteers. While the number of native animals needing help is increasing, volunteer numbers are not keeping up.  Most groups provide training if you want to help with hands-on care. All groups also need support volunteers to help with administration, fundraising and other duties, which free up the carers to focus on their rescue and rehabilitation work.

  • Donate
    There are many expenses associated with wildlife care, and for the most part there is no government funding. Donations help us to buy food, medication, cages, nest boxes and other materials needed to carry out our work, We encourage people to donate to the wildlife group in their local area.

Baby Spectacled Flying-fox, Atherton, QldWhat can I do right now?
Use this website, to find a wildlife group or shelter near you. If you can't find someone local using this site, contact your local council, veterinarian or national parks office to ask who does wildlife rescues in your area. Many have websites where you can donate online.  You can also ring them up and email them to find out how you can donate some of your time to volunteer for that group.

Please help!

Page updated September 2010



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