National  Wildlife Carers Conference

The Committee would like to thank all of the presenters, workshop leaders, volunteers, and our sponsors IFAW and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Conference Papers
The papers and hand-outs from the conference are available for download. If you want copies of any of the papers listed below please click on the title. Some files are quite large, and may take a while to download if you have a dial-up Internet connection.

Monday 26th July 2004
  Cathy Davis Care & Release of Microbat Pups 80   Kb
 Cheyne Flannagan Use of Ultrasound to aid assessing severity of chlamydial infection 4     Kb
 Gail Gipp Hand raising Orphaned Koalas 1.5  Mb
  Ruth Haight Flu in Bobtail Skinks (Shingle-backs)14   Kb
  Libby Hall Transporting, handling & husbandry of Seabirds5    Kb
  Ann Hogan Removing Tar from Bluetongue Lizards and other reptiles 15   Kb
  Heather Parsons Balancing Protein content within Bird's Diet 667 Kb
  Daniel Ramp Sharing the Environment - The  cost of wildlife mortality on the road 18   Kb
  Julie Spence Identification of Michrochiropteran Fauna in Wildlife Rehabilitation 363 Kb
 Donna Stepan Wombat Rescue and Mange Management 5     Kb
  Karen Trendler Illegal Pet Trade 78   Kb
 Amanda Twomey Management and Care of Small Marsupials 5     Kb
 David Vella Wound Care in Reptiles 6     Kb
  Rupert Woods

An introduction to the Australian Wildlife Health Network

37   Kb
Tuesday 27th July 2004 
  Peter Buckley Lets Talk Turtle 21   Kb
 Adrian Caneris Establishing a State-wide Wildlife Rehabilitation Council in Queensland 8     Kb
 Stephen Debus Criteria for Successful Release of Rehabilitated Raptors 5     Kb
 Andrew Edwards Importance of Parasite Control in Raptor Rehabilitation 9     Kb
 Tony English Establishment of the Wildlife Health and Conservation Centre 12   Kb
 Julie Firkins Digestive Tract Problems in the Ringtail Possum 7     Kb
 Ann Fowler Common Presentations of Injured Native Turtles 10   Kb
 Libby Hall Oiled Wildlife Treatment in South Africa and Spain 5     Kb
  Margaret Larner Wounds Managenment (Powerpoint) 780 Kb
 Daniel Lunney Tracking Released Koalas after Bushfires 10   Kb
 Lyn Millet Stress Dermatitis in Brushtail Possums 6     Kb
 Chris Moon Using Carer Statistics for Conservation 6     Kb
 Margaret Neihoff Practical Management of a Macropod with Toxoplasmosis 25   Kb
 Brendon Neilly State based forum - the Benefits of being Together 12   Kb
  Deborah Pergolotti The Role of Carers In Disease Surveillance and Frog Conservation 23   Kb
  Sonya Stanvic Wildlife Boxes - Maximizing our Efforts 739 Kb
  Lynda Stevenson Attempted Relocation of Grey-headed flying foxes at Singleton, NSW 4.5  Mb
  Judy Wood Caring For Australian Flying Foxes; New Challenges in a Changing World 6     Kb
Wednesday 28th July 2004 
 Libby Hall Rehabilitation and Release Techniques for Wildlife 44   Kb
  Audrey Koosmen Emergency Training & Procedures 399 Kb


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