A great book and unique fundraiser for every wildlife organisation!


Rescued! is a great new book from Jodie Blackney and Steve Amesbury, through Avocado Press, publishers of the best selling range of Smarter than Jack books. The book is produced for fundraising purposes, to benefit people involved in wildlife rescue.

Rescued is the first book of its kind in describing and bringing attention to the unsung heroes of wild animal care – the wide range of wildlife rehabilitators throughout Australia and NZ who dedicate their lives to caring for wild animals who become orphaned, injured or sick. Many people don’t realise how emotionally and financially draining this work can be, or that wildlife carers generally receive no government support.




"Rescued! enthrals readers with true stories of sick, injured and orphaned Australian native animals and the unsung heroes who are prepared to step in to help them in their time of need.  These stories combine to not only demonstrate the magnificence of Australia’s wildlife but they carry a powerful  message too – that every individual animal is unique and precious and that saving one animal is the stepping stone to saving an entire species.  I encourage every Australian to read this book".

Gail Gipp, Manager – Australian Wildlife Hospital


Rescued has been published in soft back format, with a collection of 42 true stories about the work of wildlife
rehabilitators. The book has colour illustrations and includes contributions from wildlife rehabilitators, veterinarians and veterinary nurses who have a professional working role in animal care.



    This beautiful book is rich with wisdom, inspiration, and sound advice. It is education with a smile and an invitation to open your heart to the unique animals all around us. It is a tribute to those brave and compassionate people all over this country who give their time, money and love so selflessly to help those creatures whose suffering would otherwise go unnoticed and whose cause would go unchampioned. Their stories are pure joy."

Tania Duratovic - International Fund for Animal Welfare     

This book is only available from this website, or from Wildlife rehab organisations at the great price of  $19.95. As mentioned,  wildlife organisations can buy this book directly from us at a fantastic discount, that will allow you to raise those much-needed funds with every book sold, while educating the public about wildlife and wildlife rescue.

To buy this book, or to find out about how wildlife organisations can buy copies at a substantial discount, contact us at Australian Fauna Care or go to the Rescued Website and order direct.  Apply now to take advantage of this deal.


(Updated September 2010)



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