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Use this form to update the database of Australian Native Animal Organisations. Use the same form to add a new entry, delete an existing one, or change details of an existing one.  The form will be sent to the website administrator, who will update the database. (This is to prevent unauthorised changes).  It is important that you give us an email address or contact number so that we can confirm the details with you.

  • To delete an entry, just include the name of the organisation, and the state, and tick delete.
  • To change an entry, make sure you include enough information for us to know which org is to be changed. If there are changes to 'key' items such as name, use the new name in the form, and let us know the 'old name' in the comments field.
  • To add a new entry, complete as many details as you have available at present.

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Comments: Important: please include all postcodes in which you operate. You can also include
specific animals cared for and any other helpful information. Limit to 4 paragraphs please.

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