Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Groups

Click on the links below to find information about wildlife care groups. You can search by state or postcode.  When a list of organisation appears. Click on the name to find more details. See the search notes below for tips and explanations of how the searches work.

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Search Notes:
* Searching by organisation name allows you to enter part of the name. You will need to click on 'search' when you see the search form, and it will return all organisations whose name includes the words entered in the search field.

Some organisations specialise in one or two specific species. You can use the 'Specialty' search to find these.  The Specialty and State searches can only be searched using the entries from the dropdown list.

For all searches, up to twenty results are displayed at a time. If there are any more results, a little control panel will appear below the last entry. Clicking on the single 'arrow' > will take you to the next page of results. You can enter different search criteria within the search page, for new searches, without having to return to this page.



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