NSW Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

In the next step towards a state wide wildlife council, a steering committee is to be formed. Their role will be to sort out all of the details necessary to create the council, and to initiate the creation process. Nominations were sought from people interested in being on this steering committee.

The committee which organised the 2004 Wildlife Carers Conference acted as a Working Party - for the purpose of selecting the members of the steering committee. This working party has now advised that of 25 nominations, 23 met the criteria to join the Steering Committee and were accepted from all areas of NSW.

The Working Party became aware that some members of the wildlife care community were unhappy with the proposed process for selecting the Steering Committee. Having taken these views on board, they decided to invite the 23 people mentioned above to attend a meeting in Sydney on 28 April 2005.

A face-to-face meeting will allow nominees to get to know each other, which will help in forming the basis of a good networking relationship and strengthen the commitment of the Steering Committee.

At the meeting nominees will be asked to give a 2-3 minute verbal presentation introducing themselves, their background and what skills they will contribute to the Committee.

The purpose of this meeting is for the Working Party to hand over the planning process to form the NSW Wildlife Rehabilitation Council to the Steering Committee. The outgoing Chair of the Working Party, Mrs Audrey Koosmen, will chair the first meeting and those in attendance on the day will be responsible for electing the new Executive of the Committee. The new Committee will then take on the responsibilities of communicating information to NSW licensed care groups and individual licensed carers.

The 23 people selected are:


Steve Amesbury

NANA (Native Animal Network Association)


Linda Dennis

WIRES Central West


Sonja Elwood

Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Service


Cheyne Flanagan

Koala Preservation Society NSW & FAUNA NSW Inc


Angela Hing

WIRES Illawarra


Kaye Holdsworth

Private Licence


Mike Jupp

WIRES Illawarra


Helen Kennedy

Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Service


Audrey Koosmen

NATF (Native Animal Trust Fund) Inc


Shirley Lack

NANA (Native Animal Network Association)


Coralie Letica

Wildcare Queanbeyan


Chris Lloyd

WIRES Sydney/Illawarra


Anlyn Murphy



Sybil Primrose

Tweed Valley Wildlife Carers


Christopher Alan Rose

Northern Tablelands Wildlife Carers


Wayne Singleton

RRANA (Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals)


Sandra Stewart

Rocky Creek Wildlife Refuge


Brian Thomson

WIRES Riverina


Lorraine Vass

Friends of the Koala Inc


Jim Watt

WIRES Central West


Julie Webb

Northern Rivers Wildlife Carers


Guy Wilmington

Wildcare Queanbeyan


Stan Wood



















The Working Party would like to thank the wildlife care community for your interest and support as the Steering Committee works towards the formation of the NSW Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.

Yours Sincerely,


Audrey Koosmen (NATF), Chair

For The Working Party - Susan Bates (SMWS), Rebecca Brand (IFAW), Jan Brazel (Wildlife ARC), Gerardine Hawkins (NANA), Shirley Lack (NANA), Gwen Parry-Jones (Wildlife ARC), Monique Ryan (WIRES), Beverley Young (SMWS).

(Updated April 13 2005)



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