Wildlife Land Trust
Issued by Humane Society International

An invitation to join the Wildlife Land Trust and add your property to a national  and international sanctuary network
Established by Humane Society International (HSI), the Wildlife Land Trust is a program which aims to protect wild animals by preserving their habitats and by providing them sanctuary within those natural habitats. Our goal is to see the protection of one million acres of wildlife habitat through a network of sanctuaries across Australia, and to build on the growing network of International sanctuaries that are part of the program. The Trust protects not only vast and impressive landscapes, but also the smaller, humbler places that provide for the needs of all wildlife, rare and common species alike.
Joining the Wildlife Land Trust is a voluntary scheme that imparts no legal obligations or costs on land owners and would not conflict with any current arrangements landowners have on their properties, legal or otherwise. However if you would like to seek some form of permanent and legally binding protection for your property as a wildlife haven, then we would be keen to help you achieve this.

You can download a copy of the latest Newsletter (December 2008) here.

To learn more about the Wildlife Land Trust, and download a copy of the latest newsletter, contact:

Humane Society International

Free call 1800 333 737 



Updated December 2008



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