Conservation Awards 2009
Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia


The Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia created the Serventy Conservation Medal in honour of three members of the Serventy Family:

  • Dr Vincent Serventy AM, who was a member of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia for more than fifty years, and has justly been called the 'father of conservation in Australia'.

  • Lucy Serventy who seventy years ago became a Life Member of the Society and so began a lifetime interest in conservation.

  • Dr Dominic Serventy, who as the elder of the eight strong Serventy clan, played a leading part in encouraging their interest in natural history.  He is regarded as among the world's greatest ornithologists.

Our intention is to award the medal to those who labour as a volunteer in the conservation field for a love of nature and a determination that it should be conserved.

Selection Procedures

The decision on the granting of each year's medal will be decided by a full meeting of the Council of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia.


The Wildlife Preservation Society is also calling for nominations for the Community Wildlife Conservation Award that will be awarded to a community conservation group that is making a major contribution to wildlife preservation in Australia.

The WPSA knows that many organisations and thousands of volunteers are already working tirelessly to save our threatened species as well as the humble and more common Australian species and the precious wildlife habitat in which they live.

We are all aware of the wonderful work being carried out by volunteers across the country in saving our sick and injured wildlife.  They spend many hours and days caring for a single animal that has been injured by a car, savaged by a feral animal or hurt in bush fires.  We want to recognise and help these conservation groups continue with their good work on behalf of the whole community.

Our Society will present a plaque and a cash award of $5,000 to the winning conservation group that is helping to save our precious Australian wildlife.


Nominations for the Serventy Conservation Medal should be made in writing to be received by our Society by 19 December 2008. Nominations for the Community Wildlife Conservation Award can be made in writing to be received by our Society by 31 December 2008. 

Nominations forms can be downloaded from our website at  Completed nomination forms can be sent to the Wildlife Preservation Society by email to, or mailed to PO Box 42 Brighton Le Sands NSW 2216.

For further information, please contact the Executive Director at the National Office on Telephone 02 9556 1537 or by email



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