Serventy Conservation Medal 2009
Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia


Australian Fauna Care congratulates Kanyana's June Butcher, 2009 winner of the Serventy Conservation Medal.

We recognise that there are many, many good people who volunteer to undertake wildlife rehabilitation, and some who have been doing so for many years. All of these deserve our admiration, but as with any endeavour, there are a handful of people who stand out, even in such company. 

The Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia ( got it right, and in honouring June, showed once again why the Serventy medal is recognised as one of this county's most respected conservation awards.

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The Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia created the Serventy Conservation Medal in honour of three members of the Serventy Family:

  • Dr Vincent Serventy AM, who was a member of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Australia for more than fifty years, and has justly been called the 'father of conservation in Australia'.

  • Lucy Serventy who seventy years ago became a Life Member of the Society and so began a lifetime interest in conservation.

  • Dr Dominic Serventy, who as the elder of the eight strong Serventy clan, played a leading part in encouraging their interest in natural history.  He is regarded as among the world's greatest ornithologists.

The medal is awarded to those who labour as a volunteer in the conservation field for a love of nature and a determination that it should be conserved.  June Butcher is a worthy recipient.




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