WILDLIFE CARE - Rescue to Release
Australia Post Releases Wildlife Care Stamp

October is Stamp Collecting Month, and Australia Post will issue a set of  stamps focusing on wildlife care, introducing children to the important work undertaken by thousands of volunteers. The release coincides with Wildlife Awareness Month, which aims to raise public consciousness of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.

As Australia has no national organisation for responding to wildlife emergencies, hundreds of independent associations have been established nationwide. They are of varying size, and depend on their dedicated volunteer members. The two largest groups are Wildlife Victoria and WIRES in NSW.

Each year hundreds of thousands of  native animals are injured and orphaned as a  result of natural and human induced trauma such as sickness, bushfires, oil spills, floods, road accident, land clearing and attack by introduced animals.

The principles and practice of wildlife care revolve around the three 'R's - Rescue, Rehabilitation and Release. The intention of carers is to tend to injured and orphaned animals with minimal human intervention or contact - so that they remain wild, and can be released back into their natural environment with the greatest potential for survival.

Australia Post says that Stamp Collecting Month is about encouraging children to enjoy the fun of collecting stamps. The message of protecting wildlife is conveyed not only through the stamps but also by a miniature sheet. - where the issue is surrounded by a decorative gutter, with a hidden animal included in the design, showing the animals in their natural environment. There is also a limited edition (10,000) medallion cover for $19.95, featuring the Koala.

It is great to see Australia Post engaging with issues of environmental awareness and responsibility, acknowledging the generosity of spirit inherent in volunteering.

While Stamp Collecting Month is primarily targeted at primary school children (and there is an educational component, including school visits) the stamps are part of the Australian stamp program and will appeal (aesthetically and thematically) to a broader market. Stamp Collecting Month and therefore the wildlife care stamps, will receive high exposure through the postal system.

As well as the range of stamps, there are other products, which stamp collectors will be familiar with, such as first-day covers (with a wildlife themed envelope), maxi-cards, miniature sheets and a stamp pack (a bi-fold card display pack).

About the stamps   There are six stamps in all - five 60 cent stamps featuring a wombat, kangaroo, flying-fox, koala and boobook owl, and a $1.20 stamp featuring an orphaned ringtail possum. The stamp release date is October 5 2010, and will be available until November 2.  You can get more details about the stamps and the related products by clicking here to visit the  Australia Post Stamp Shop.

If that is not enough - Australia Post is also issuing a set of four stamps on 26th October featuring beautiful images of four Australian Kingfishers, including the stunning Sacred Kingfisher and Yellow-billed Kingfisher.

Updated September 6 2010



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